Catered Sandwiches

  Boxed Lunches   Sandwich Trays Boxed Lunches Minimum order of Four.
Choose Sandwiches from Sandwich Thyme or Build Your Own Menus.
Prices are based on sandwiches priced at $6.85; higher-priced sandwiches are an additional charge.
Basic Boxed Lunch Choice of SandwichZapp's Potato ChipsSoft Baked CookieUtensils and Napkins- $8.95 per person
Premiere Boxed Lunch Choice of SandwichFresh Fruit SaladChef's Choice Salad- $10.00 per person
Salad Boxed LunchRomaine and spring salad mix with homemade herb croutons, cucumber, cherry tomato, alfalfa sprouts, carrot, and choice of our famous chicken salad, tuna salad, or grilled chicken breast.  Fresh baked bread, cookie, and choice of dressing included.

Sandwich Trays Assorted Sandwich TraySelection of our most popular cold sandwiches on assorted breads with leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, assorted cheeses, and accompanied by condiments and dill pickle spears. - $7.25 per person
Assorted Hot Sandwiches, Wraps, or Panini - $7.50 per person